Yerba Mate Tea For Losing Weight

Over the past year I have lost a few lbs. Well, actually I have lost over 100 lbs. I still have over 60 lbs to loose and I’m destined to hit my goal by August. Here are some of my tips for loosing weight.

1. Eat a low carb diet.

I eat plenty of high protein foods that are low in saturated fat like fish, chicken turkey and shell fish. I also eat plenty of vegetables. Salads are awesome but don’t overdo it on the dressing.

2. Exercise.

Reduce the stress and the withdrawal symptoms you’ll get from lowering your carbs. The first three days are horrible on a lo-carb diet unless you exercise. I go to the gym 20 to 45 minutes a day . That’s all it takes. You don’t have to be in the gym for hours.

3. Drink plenty of water.

Pee the fat out. I’m constantly going to the bathroom. I get up from my desk at work at least once every hour to pee.

Some people ask me if I have a secret. I actually do have a secret. It’s Yerba Mate tea. Yerba Mate is an ingredient that’s in almost every diet pill you can imagine. I don’t like taking diet pills because they make me jittery because most of them have tons of caffeine in them. The yerba mate, on the other hand, is a stimulant that won’t make you jittery. It has some special features in it. If you want to know all about yerba mate tea I have included a link to the info. The taste of the tea sucks, for someone that’s not a usual tea drinker, but I’m a tea drinker and I enjoy the flavor of this tea.

Check out for more information

So there you go. You wanted to know how I’m loosing all of this weight and now you know.

Guayaki Traditional Yerba Mate - 12 Units / 8 oz Guayaki Traditional Yerba Mate – 12 Units / 8 oz

Enjoy this stimulating beverage from a life-giving tree; hand-picked below its native rainforest canopy and cedar-wood aged for a deep, rich full-bodied flavor. From seed – to – shelf – to – self, Guayaki is a project of passion; empowering the indigenous community to preserve their culture, protect their rainforest and share their legendary beverage with the world.

Guayaki Mate Gourd w/ 6oz. Yerba Mate & Bombilla - 1 ea Guayaki Mate Gourd w/ 6oz. Yerba Mate & Bombilla – 1 ea

Share the gift of Guayaki the traditional way!Guayaki gourds and bombillas (filter straws) are purchased from individual gourd artists in South America, at fair trade prices. Guayaki gourds are specially chosen by the artists for their strength and durability, and will last a lifetime if taken care of properly. Our bombillas will not rust, flake, or peel.Two-headed snakes, dragons, frogs, bats, and birds are among the pre-Columbian cave pictographs carved in this gourd. Includes a Spanish inscription on the back, identifying the tribe, region, and name associated with the design.

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