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WordPress Plugin Viral Marketing Contest Burner

Contest WordPress Plugin

Contest Burner WordPress PluginThere is a new WordPress Plugin about to relaunch soon. It’s called the Contest Burner. The Contest Burner Viral Marketing WordPress plugin will integrate the use of Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and more to create a massive flow of traffic to your website – virally.

Here’s what the Contest Burner Viral Marketing WordPress Plugin website says about the marketing plugin:

By combining viral marketing and social networking you can really explode your traffic.  We tested a very early version of the ContestBurner WordPress plugin and generated thousands of new visitors to one of our sites in just a few weeks.

….I’ll give out the download link to the contestants who have signed up at: ContestBurner’s viral marketing contest You’ll be able to use all the basic features of the WordPress plugin. These are the same features I used to generate Tens of thousands of new visitors on a single site & dramatically increase my website traffic.

I’m a blogger and I do affiliate marketing on the side. I started blogging over 5 years ago and I didn’t get into affiliate marketing until a little over a year ago. I love using the WordPress blogging platform. If you use WordPress like I do,  you love the many plugins that are built specifically for bloggers and web designers that use WordPress.

This marketing wordpress plugin is the creationof Online Marketing Teacher Bill McIntosh. I have been following Bill for over2 years and I can honestly say that he has given me tons of information that I incorporate every day in my own marketing campaigns. Without ever spending a dime of my own money, Bill has taught me lessons in online marketing that people would pay thousands of dollars to learn.

Bill, if you read this, Thank you.


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June 2021