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Why People Like You

Written from my phone so excuse the typos.

Do opposites really attract? I used to think this when I was young and dumb. But honestly, people like people who are like themselves.

One of the basic things we look at in friends or someone we are dating is commonality.

Do we both like the same music? Do we both hate the same foods. Commonalities cause good conversation. Commonalities can cause people to relate to one another. Commonalities cause people to like you.

Even if you think you and your friend or lover are complete opposites, you probably have more in common then you actually realize.
So when meeting people and getting to know someone, you’ll notice that the first subjects of your conversation is establishing what is in common.

Bad Date
Bad Date - Probably Nothing in Common

Ever go on a date with someone and they start of the conversation about what they don’t like or what they hate? I bet you aren’t with them any more.

Now by no means am I some sort of relationship guru. But I have studied years of psychology and neuro linguistics for years. But as I said, when I was young and dumb I made the mistake of thinking that opposites attract. From 10 years of studies, I know that if you are the total opposite or have nothing in common with someone you are with, get out now before you have kids with them.



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September 2021