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What A Woman Goes Through When Buying A Dress For A Party

I have to laugh. Although to a woman it is not that funny.  Buying a dress for that holiday party can go good or bad for a woman. But if it goes bad for a woman, you can certainly guarantee it will go bad for your spouse or boyfriend.

Here are the stages a woman goes through when an outfit or dress is needed for an upcoming party.

Two Weeks before Party:  I need to buy a dress.

One week before the party:  I’m looking online for a dress for this party.

5 Days before Party:  I’m going to look at several stores for a dress for this party.

  OMG – These dresses suck! I can’t find anything

   OMG – I can’t find anything that fits right or looks good on me.

Day before the party: I have walked all over the mall, went to 10 stores and I can’t find anything.  I’m not going to the party.

Hours Before the Party:  Ok, I bought 10 pairs of shoes, and found a dress that I can wear, but I don’t like it.

At the party:  OMG, I love this dress, but my feet hurt and can’t wait to walk around with no shoes at the party.

After the party:  I can’t wait to take of this dress.





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