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After my arrival in West Palm Beach, Florida, I was invited to a BBQ. It was kind of a welcoming of sorts. Brats, steak, and turkey burgers were sizzling on the grill.

At the BBQ I met a very cool and down-to-earth guy named Craig. He is a Palm Beach Realtor. I thought this guy was going to pressure me into buying a house since I was new the the West Palm Beach area. (Right now I’m renting. In a few months, I might be able to purchase a home in West Palm Beach soon.) This wasn’t the case. After some delicious BBQ and some beers, Craig told me everything that the West Palm Beach area had to offer. He gave me the low-down on the Schools in West Palm Beach as well as the crime rate in West Palm Beach.  He seemed like more of an ambassador to the area of Palm Beach than a Realtor in Palm Beach.

I’m not in the market right now to buy a home, but if you need a list of Palm Beach Area Homes for Sale ….Talk to Craig.

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