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In late August of 2011, I was changing a flat tire. I strained my back pretty bad I thought. A week or two later I took my oldest son golfing and later that day, my back and the front of my leg had shooting pain. The pain was so intense that I missed an entire week of work.

I had enough and I went to JFK Emergency in Boynton Beach. They didn’t even have room for me. They had me sit on a gurney in the hall way. A doctor spoke to me for 15 seconds, then after 10 minutes, they gave me narcotics and sent me on my way. The bill… $1650!!! For what? They didn’t treat me. That is not medicine. That is bullshit!

A week after being high on pain pills, I decided to look for a chiropractor in the West Palm Beach area.  I really never been to a chiropractor in my life. My vision of chiropractor was a big guy that throws you around the room and cracks your back. I was pretty reluctant to go to a chiropractor in West Palm Beach.

Then a co-worker of mine told me about a chiropractor in Palm Beach Gardens…. his name…Dr. Thaw. Pretty cool name for a chiro that would help my frozen back. (I’m sure he gets that joke all the time.)

Anyway, I traveled to Palm Beach Gardens and went to see Dr. Thaw. I must say that he is a spectacular individual. This man treated me for my pain by correcting the problem and working with me instead of what the Emergency Room did.

After about 3 weeks of treatment. I was able to walk normally again. I was able to pick up my infant son.

I owe Dr. Thaw a big thank you and that is exactly what I’m doing by writing this to the masses.

If you are looking for chiropractors in West Palm Beach, I suggest you look up Dr. Thaw at PGA Chiropractic

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