Wedding Speech Ideas

Wedding Speech Ideas

When my brother got married, I had no idea what to do when I had to give a speech. I was looking for ideas for best man speeches for this wedding. Being the best man, I was stressing over what to do when it came to giving a great wedding speech for his special day.

Check out these Wedding Speech Ideas.

As the best man, I wanted to give a great wedding speech or wedding toast that would be funny, exciting, emotional and memorable. So instead of getting up and giving a speech, what I did was create a great video and I played it at the reception on a big screen TV as a wedding speech. I knew that I had a great idea. I got pictures of him and his wife as children, and then as they were dating and the also a few funny and embarrassing pictures.  I wanted the video to have highs and lows. I wanted it to be cute, funny and I wanted it to be emotional so that people would remember this wedding speech video.

I got some more great ideas here.

Here are the results of my brainstorming for some great wedding speech ideas.



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