Video: Homeless Man With An Amazing Voice

A Homeless Man with an Amazing Voice.

The economy is bad and often we see people on the side of the off ramps looking for a handout. But for one man who holds a sign on the ramp of I-71 and Hudson Street he has a talent that has yet to be discovered.

Meet Ted Williams, he was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. His obsession for radio in his younger years helped him develop a voice. Ted even went to school to develop his radio voice. But involvement with drugs and alcohol led Ted down a beaten path.

Homeless Man With Radio Voice Video
Ted Williams

Now clean and sober for two years, Ted is on the side of the road asking for money.

Clearly this man has a great talent. I hope the exposure on my blog will help land this guy a job. He’s great.

“I hope one of these television or radio guys says…’Hey I need a voiceover guy or something.’

Check out Teds amazing radio voice.

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