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Two Year Old Terror: Talking To Them

So Justin, my youngest,  has hit two years old. He’s already throwing tantrums. His favorite word is “mine!”  If he doesn’t  get his way, his terrible twos kick in and he goes on a rampage. This would include throwing things around, hitting, and throwing him self on the floor crying.controlling  tantrums

I tried reading posts in forums to see what other parents were doing to control their 2 year old terror.  The advice didn’t help.  I went to a few book stores in the area to help, and to no avail, they didn’t help either. I became a mini expert on trying to get my little terror to stop his behavior.

Usually parents who experience the “terrible twos” never want to have kids again. LOL

I do understand that these rages come from not being able to express his feelings.  He can put sentences together already but vocabulary is limited as with any two year old.

Then a friend recommended that I take a look at course on how to deal with the terrible twos.

There are free audio lessons in this course to help you with dealing with your little bundle of terror.


helping your child deal with the terrible twos

 talking to your toddler



So if you are going out of your mind with your toddler, I encourage you to check out the free audio lesson.  Right now I’m working with Justin and communicating with him seems to get better and better everyday.




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July 2021