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Twitter Contests

Twitter contest are fun and easy. I know this because I have won several great prizes using Twitter. In the past I have won.

  • Festival tickets
  • Cash
  • Tickets to expensive seminars
  • Gift cards
  • Books
  • Free lessons

I noticed that some of these contests were spur of the moment and the business holding the contest would tweet “Next 5 people to respond win.”

I thought this was kind of unfair and also not very useful marketing on behalf of the company having the contest.

What do I think is the fairest way to have a contest on Twitter?

What if you could give each person who entered your contest a virtual “ticket” each time they entered your contest? What if you could choose a winner by randomly selecting a contestant based on the number of entries they had? Kind of like a raffle where the odds of winning increase with the more tickets you have.

This sounded like a great idea on how to run a twitter contest.

This site has twitter contests based on that principal. It’s a nice site for contests and also business can buy space on the site to host their contests as well. That way they can run a free and clean Twitter contest with real-time results right on the page.

There is no better way to promote your product, service or website than to have a few viral Twitter contests



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July 2021