Twitter Contest LeBron James Collectible

Toy LeBron James Escalade

Let’s have some fun!!

I can’t wait until basketball season. And if know me or have seen my tweets during basketball season, you’ll know I’m a big Cavs fan.

So what I have done is devise a contest for one lucky winner to receive a LeBron James Collectible Escalade and Trading Card as seen in the picture. I’ll even pay for the shipping.

The rules are simple. Enter your Twitter name and post the message and link to Twitter. You get points for Tweeting the contest and points for commenting on this blog post. You can even promote my contest on your Facebook page. The more unique clicks on the link in your Twitter or Facebook page, the more points you get. The contest runs now until September 15th at 11:59 pm Eastern U.S. Time. (Cleveland Time.)

Don’t forget to check back often to see where you stand.

The contest is open to U.S. residents. Contest may end if there are technical difficulties and I reserve the right to end the contest at any time. But more than likely this will run smooth.

Let’s have some fun and good luck.

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