Twitter App For Windows Mobile

Twitter App For Windows Mobile

I have had my Windows Mobile phone for almost 6 months now. I have been trying out different applications that would satisfy my addiction to Twitter.  After trying over 7 Twitter apps for my phone, I finally found one that I really liked. The application is called Twikini made by a company called Trinket Software. Here are a few reasons why I liked using Twikini.

  • Easy user interface
  • Easy retweet and saving favorite tweets
  • Great for handling my multiple Twitter accounts.
  • Easily add a picture from your phone and it will link it to your Twitpic account.
  • Shorten urls if you like.
  • You can even update your location if you have GPS on your phone.

If you’re like me, you want to share your world with the entire world by using Twitter. Twitkini makes it easier for me.

Demonstrating My Twikini Twitter App on

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