Things You Can Do To Make Someone’s Day.

Most of my friends know me as the “psychologist” some of them know me as the guy who loves to have a good time and make people laugh.  What ever the case may be…I like making someone’s day. If you want to make someone’s day do some of these things. They work for me. I’m sharing them with you.  (Take heed… do one or two a day without expectation. I’m a karma guy. It will make your day too just to make someone else’s day.)

Offer to help no matter how little the task.

Tell a joke.make someones day

Send a funny text.

Give some a hug.

Allow someone to vent. Listen.

Let someone know how appreciated they are.

Give a compliment and mean it!!

Notice when someone wears nice clothes or does their hair (This is important for you guys..always notice when a woman changes something.)

Hold the door open for everyone.

Say thank you.

Offer to buy lunch for a co-worker you don’t really talk to.

Be a big tipper.


Call your mother.

Buy someone a drink and don’t even tell them you bought it for them.

Listen…really listen to people.

Be yourself…unless you are an asshole.

Give thank you cards.

Shovel snow for a neighbor.

Pay a toll for a person behind you.

If you are going to the store, ask a co-worker if they need anything while you are out.


Let those close to you know how special they really are.

Call an old friend. If you don’t know what to say..drop them a text or a Facebook message.

Simply surprise someone.

Be humble.

Learn someone’s name you just met and use it. (Nothing sound’s sweeter to a person you just met than using their name…I learned this from my mom.)

Don’t take the last piece of pie…(don’t take the last beer.)


Bake or make a dinner for someone. If you can’t cook – Google it.

Don’t just say sorry, mean action.

Forgive someone who wronged you. Life is too short to hold grudges.

Offer to clean up, or if they won’t let you…do it when they aren’t around.








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