I’m Listening To WTAM In Cleveland and Reading News

Radio Tonight

So I decided not to go out tonight or drink any beer tonight.  I decided to listen to some Cleveland talk radio tonight. The Dave Ramos Show starts at 10pm. I’m not sure what Dave is going to talk about but he is certainly an entertaining character. I’m glad Dave has his own show. WTAM was wasting his talents on weekday morning traffic reports.

Wait Until They Count The Ballots

Ohio is in the news again for possible election tampering. It seems as if were going to be counting ballots in the Supreme Court until Inauguration day.

Economic Depression

How can a depression effect Cleveland? It’s already depressed. If you are already poor how worse can it get?

Payday Loans In Ohio

Ohio has an issue on the ballot to shut these places down. It’s unbelievable because these are the only lending instituions loaning out any money in Ohio.

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