Twitter Contests

Twitter contest are fun and easy. I know this because I have won several great prizes using Twitter. In theRead More…

WordPress Plugin Viral Marketing Contest Burner

Wordpress Plugin Viral Marketing Contest Burner is a new Wordpress Plugin about to make its debut soon. The Contest Burner Viral Marketing Wordpress plugin integrating Twitter to start and manage your own online marketing campaign.

Where Do Floridians Go On Vacation

Image via Wikipedia Since I have been living here in Florida, I have had a burning question. Where do peopleRead More…

Gary The Numbers Guy WTAM

Gary The Numbers Guy for quite some time now and I have to say that he has a prediction that put the icing on the cake. Gary the numbers guy accuracy predicted the fall of the dollar and that oil would be traded with gold instead of dollars.

List of Celebrities Using Twitter

List of Celebrities on Twitter There are many celebrities using Twitter. Some actually post tweets themselves like P Diddy’s twitter page and some use a digital assistant like Brittany Spears. There are some sites that actually follow celebrities on Twitter. They put these Tweets together to form a digital paparazzi or “Twitterrazzi.”

Twitter Contest LeBron James Collectible

Want to win a limited edition Escalade? So what I have done is devise a contest for one lucky winner to receive a LeBron James Collectible Escalade and Trading Card as seen in the picture. I’ll even pay for the shipping.

Getting Free Stuff on The Internet Using Twitter

Getting Free Stuff on The Internet Using Twitter he best way to find free stuff on the internet using Twitter is to use the Twitter Search for free stuff. Here you can find a plethora of give-a-ways just for being a Twitter user.

WordPress Plugins Best One Yet – Contest Burner

Wordpress Plugins Best on Yet The Contest Burner Wordpress Plugin is a pretty powerful plugin for getting viral traffic to your blog or website. You can see Contest Burner in action and get a feel for the viral power that this marketing contest plugin can do.

Tracking A Hurricane on Twitter

Tracking A Hurricane on Twitter. Twitter can be used as an advanced warning system for people in the event of a hurricane. It can also be used to get first hand accounts of damage and can also be used in search and rescue.

Interesting Facebook Urls -Gurus

Here are some interesting Facebook urls that I came across just a few hours after the start of the gold rush. I found some of these using Twitter search as well as typing in different “pseudo-popular” vanity urls.

Twitter App For Windows Mobile

Twitter App For Windows Mobile – Twikini

How To Make a Few Dollars Using Twitter

Making money with Twitter is no surprise. Sometimes I think that there are more marketers on Twitter than there are people who use it as a communication or social media tool. But earlier today I got an email from a fellow blogger who intoduced me to this new and powerful system to use Twitter to follow people in your niche market. The system is called the Twitter Online System.

Heroes – A Pilot and a Social Network.

Earlier this week, a routine flight from New York to Charlotte almost turned fatal when some Canadian geese flew directly into the jet’s engines. Twitter was there.

Do You Tweet?

Do you use Twitter?

First of all, do you know what Twitter is? If not, you are missing the boat. Twitter is a free service or social site for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing? Rarely, people answer this question when using Twitter. They’ll post new found links, blog posts, and questions. I use twitter for all of the above.

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