Free Caller Id Spoofing

Caller Id Spoofing is a touchy subject. What is it? Can this be done for free? It is actually makingRead More…

10 Things You Can Say To A Man To Get Him Out of The Mood.’s bare with me on this one. I see articles all the time about “How to get a WomanRead More…

Wedding Speech Ideas

When my brother got married, I had no idea what to do when I had to give a speech. I was looking for ideas for best man speeches for this wedding. Being the best man, I was stressing over what to do when it came to giving a great wedding speech for his special day.

Overprotective Mother

It’s okay to guard your kids and protect them from harm from birth to 18 years old. But once your child turns 18 it is time to let them go. I have studied children that are the VICTIMS of overprotective mothers. Having an overprotective mother is form of child abuse. Usually the mother controls every aspect of the child well into his adult life. Usually the mother has the child believe that they are sick of have some sort of disease so that the child actually thinks that they are too weak to depend on themselves.

Blocking a Phone Number

I guess I’m a tech guy. I have answers that will make life easier for people. One of the questions I hear all the time is “Hey Tom, How do I block a phone number so that person or company never calls again?”

Pulling out my hair – But I’m Bald

Yes, stress is a part of life. It’s all how we handle it. Sometimes I feel like I lose my mind and other times I just try to meditate the stress away. For me, the best way to handle stress is to blow off some steam, meditate and then handle the situation. Now I would not do this in case there was an emergency…I would act right away in an emergency. But when stress feels like it’s eating you alive just breathe. Do something to get your mind off it. I like to watch stuff that makes me laugh. When I’m stressed, I want to surround myself with comedy and funny people.

Online Legal Documents Can Save You a lot of Money

Image via Wikipedia If you have a business, rent a home, are about to loan out some money or evenRead More…

WordPress Plugin Viral Marketing Contest Burner

Wordpress Plugin Viral Marketing Contest Burner is a new Wordpress Plugin about to make its debut soon. The Contest Burner Viral Marketing Wordpress plugin integrating Twitter to start and manage your own online marketing campaign.

Cub Scouts

The Cub Scouts are now having their popcorn sale to support the scouts as well as local packs. It’s that time of year. If you would like to support the Cub Scouts you can do so buy purchasing goods from their Cub Scout popcorn drive.

10 Great Ways to Use Facebook

Some people don’t like Facebook because they just don’t know what to do when they get an account. I have friends that join over a year ago but they don’t contribute to the conversation or they just don’t get it. Here are 10 ways to use Facebook and have fun.

Cleveland Browns Suck But The Fans Won’t Do Anything.

Cleveland Browns Suck and so do the fans. 10 years ago, an expansion team called the Cleveland Browns entered the NFL. In that 10 years, the Browns have a record of 54-109.

Getting Free Stuff on The Internet Using Twitter

Getting Free Stuff on The Internet Using Twitter he best way to find free stuff on the internet using Twitter is to use the Twitter Search for free stuff. Here you can find a plethora of give-a-ways just for being a Twitter user.

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