What is the official language of the United States?

What is the official language of the United States? Some states have declared that they will only conduct legislative business using English. However English is not the official language on the United States….either is Spanish, German, Polish or any other language.

Facebook Quiz My Political Views

Took a Facebook quiz to find out where I was politically. LOL I don’t need a quiz to tell me where I am on my views. Anyway this quiz just reinforced where I thought I was at politically.

Obama Kills Fly – Should PETA Protest Animal Crackers

PETA Obama kills fly. Should Animal Crackers Be Banned?

Auto Bailout Will Put Automakers Out of Business

How are Americans going to retaliate against the automakers and the autoworkers? That’s easy to answer. They’ll never buy another car made by these guys. When people go to the lot to buy a new car, they are going to make their choice based this bailout. (Click title to read more.)

Bailout Bailout Bailout Government Bailout

Companies fail. There is no doubt about that. It’s a part of capitalism. Mismanage a company and your competitor takes over. It’s time for businesses, like the auto industry, to reinvent the wheel. People got sick of reading in the dark, so the light bulb was invented. People go sick of riding horses so the train and the automobile were invented.

Joe the Plumber Wins Debate and Government Contracts.

Joe the Plumber had McCain’s crack team of advisers tell his story. Now Joe the plumber is going to get a lot of business. Joe the plumber will forever go down in history as one of most famous plumbers in history.

The Vice Presidential Debate – Who Do You Think Won?

Who do you think won the Vice Presidential Debate? Did Palin seem nervous and over-rehearsed to you? Did Biden look more professional? Who do you feel established a better connection to the people. Your comments are very welcome.

Does My Quality Of Life Really Depend On Who Is President?

So who should we vote for?  Does the President really dictate what your quality of life is going to beRead More…

Top 10 Reasons Not To Vote For John McCain

The Daily Bragger After careful thought and consideration,  I came up with a few reasons not to vote for JohnRead More…

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