How do you change your caller ID to another number?

How do you change your caller ID to another number? Or How do you change the number that shows up on the caller ID of the person you just called? disguise your caller id, hide your caller id, remain anonymous

Free Caller Id Spoofing

Caller Id Spoofing is a touchy subject. What is it? Can this be done for free? It is actually makingRead More…

Find Out Unknown Calls

Find Out Unknown Calls

Recently I was getting a lot of calls that were coming up private or unknown. I wanted to find out who was calling me and a googled for a site or some sort of technology that would tell me who called me. I wanted to find out who called with a private number.

Then I came across a very cool site that did just that. You can CHECK IT OUT HERE.

Blocking a Phone Number

I guess I’m a tech guy. I have answers that will make life easier for people. One of the questions I hear all the time is “Hey Tom, How do I block a phone number so that person or company never calls again?”

Gmail Phone Calls

Yesterday, I tried the free computer to phone calls from Google’s Gmail. I must say that I was very impressed.Read More…

Spoofing for Free

Not too long ago I had the pleasure of trying out the Spoofcard. The spoofcard is a calling card, orRead More…

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