Go Obama – Yes We Can. – 2009 Stimulus Package

Now I hope he and his party can stimulate the economy by stimulating our wallets. Although Obama’s Stimulus Package isn’t complete, experts have been speculating that his 2009 stimulus package could pump almost a trillion dollars into the economy. Too bad it’s not 50 trillion dollars because that equates to a 50 thousand dollar stimulus check.

New and Improved with Comment Luv and Other Stuff.

I’m writing this while experiencing a bad cold. (The whole 9 yards..fever, sore throat, coughing and sinuses.) So you might have noticed a few changes. Yeah, I gave The Daily Bragger a makeover. I’m one of those people that love to create and update things. I’m never satisfied with what I create and I’m always improving things.

Youtube Pulls Palin Videos – Dailybragger Presidential Endorsement

Here is a new video with a new look from the Dailybragger. In a future post, I’ll show how to make a video like this one and I’ll show you how inexpensive it was to make it. I made this using video software under 50 bucks.

Joe the Plumber Wins Debate and Government Contracts.

Joe the Plumber had McCain’s crack team of advisers tell his story. Now Joe the plumber is going to get a lot of business. Joe the plumber will forever go down in history as one of most famous plumbers in history.

Should I Withdraw My 401k? – So You Ask.

Should you withdraw your 401k during the turbulent time in the stock market? The answer is no!

You might be looking at your 401k statement and panicking. Don’t panic. Don’t even look at that statement. Throw it out. When the stock market is is down like it is now, you should contribute MORE money to your 401k.

Does My Quality Of Life Really Depend On Who Is President?

So who should we vote for?  Does the President really dictate what your quality of life is going to beRead More…

Who Heckled Obama in Berea Ohio?

Exclusive video of the photographer who asked Obama to say the “Pledge of Allegiance.”

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