Green Lasers: What they Look Like When Pointed at Aircraft

What does a green laser look like to a pilot when some idiot points the beam at an aircraft? It’sRead More…

Some Of The Things I Miss From Cleveland

I do miss Cleveland. I’ll be back soon. And when I do come back, I’ll be sure to bring backRead More…

Danny Greene Movie – Collinwood

Image via Wikipedia I wrote an article over a year ago about this movie. Finally the Danny Greene movie isRead More…

Congratulations West Park Vets – W130th Tri-League T-Ball Champs

It’s about a bunch of kids between 5 and 7 that were last picked to form a t-ball team. Their team had no nepotism, no favoritism and no politics. The team was not hand-picked. There were no kids of board members on the team. There were no former “all-stars” on the team.

Cleveland Nails the Social Media Scene.

Members of the Cleveland Social Media Club put their minds together and created Welcome To Social Media an amazing guide to help people and businesses comprehend social media.

Collinwood Arts Festival

Collinwood Arts Festival I told my wife that I wanted to go a Cleveland art festival and she said, “Why do you want to go to an art festival, you know nothing about art.” I told my wife that I wanted to see what this Collinwood Arts Festival was all about.

How Much Does Unemployment Pay? – Costly – I Lost My Job

How Much Does Unemployment Pay? I’m getting 210 dollars a week from unemployment. That’s 840 a month. My cobra insurance is 704 a month. Wouldn’t you think that if you are not working, that insurance would be cheaper. Not! Let’s say that I do get do I pay my bills, rent, feed my kid, put gas in my car…ect?

ATM Dispute Solved in 15 Minutes By Local Businessman

I swiped my card at the ATM, punched in my code and attempted to get 40 bucks. The screen said “process error” then spit out a receipt. I swiped my card again and the same thing was displayed on the screen “process error.” Escalade Giveaway

Winner was picked and will be announced pending notification from winner.

Black Friday White Saturday

Is it really worth it to camp out all night in front of a Best Buy just to get that mp3 player for 25 bucks? Do you really think that person who camped out bought it as a Christmas gift for someone? I don’t think so….ON A LIGHTER NOTE…

Youtube Pulls Palin Videos – Dailybragger Presidential Endorsement

Here is a new video with a new look from the Dailybragger. In a future post, I’ll show how to make a video like this one and I’ll show you how inexpensive it was to make it. I made this using video software under 50 bucks.

Hurricane Ike Visits Cleveland, Ohio

Hurricane Ike, now a tropical storm, made its debut in Cleveland on Sunday night. The high winds roared into the area causing a lot of damage as well as making the power lines snap, crackle and pop in front of my house.

Top 10 Reasons Not To Vote For John McCain

The Daily Bragger After careful thought and consideration,  I came up with a few reasons not to vote for JohnRead More…

The media wrongly reported Stephanie Tubbs Jones as dead.

Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones Report suffered an aneurysm Tuesday evening in Cleveland. On Wednesday, the news as well as theRead More…

WTAM Gary The Numbers Guy

Gary the numbers guy is considered one of America’s premiere numerologists.
There are few people who know how to read numbers. Gary the numbers guy is one of these few people. He knows how to use numbers to examine the future. He has documented predictions on a radio show in Cleveland. (Click tittle to read more.)

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