List of Celebrities on Twitter

This is an updated list of Celebrities on Twitter courtesy of Twitterrazzi. You can see their live streams just by clicking on each link. Celebrities on Twitter.

Barack Obama On The Late Show With Letterman

Barack Obama On Letterman

In case you missed it, here is Barack Obama On the Late Show with David Letterman.

This is the only President in my life time that seems like a normal guy and not from American royalty like the other guys.

Obama Kills Fly – Should PETA Protest Animal Crackers

PETA Obama kills fly. Should Animal Crackers Be Banned?

How Much Does Unemployment Pay? – Costly – I Lost My Job

How Much Does Unemployment Pay? I’m getting 210 dollars a week from unemployment. That’s 840 a month. My cobra insurance is 704 a month. Wouldn’t you think that if you are not working, that insurance would be cheaper. Not! Let’s say that I do get do I pay my bills, rent, feed my kid, put gas in my car…ect?

Voting Problems in Ohio – Caught on Tape

Voting Problems in Ohio (Cleveland – I took my mp3 player into the polling place where I have beenRead More…

After A Bad Day, I Laughed So Hard That I Peed.

I had a really bad day today. But after all the crap that I went through today, I still managed to laugh so hard that I almost pissed my britches. And it’s all because of this video about Obama, McCain and Palin showing off their dancing skills. Toward the end of the movie check out Palin “Droppin’ it like it’s hot.”

The Video That is Making Republicans Look Ugly – Viral Video

(Cleveland, Ohio) Cleveland Blogger, Tim Russo, publisher of Blogger Interrupted has some video that he shot at a recent McCain-Palin Rally in Strongsville, Ohio. Youtube Video McCain Palin Rally Strongsville

Top 10 Reasons To Vote For Barack Obama.

The Daily Bragger – Free Barack Obama Button – Free Shipping Top 10 List Top 10 Reasons To Vote ForRead More…

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