StumbleUpon I’m addicted.

I have this addiction. It’s horrible, I must say. The only thing about this addiction is that you never know what you are going to get.  You click the button on your browser and you get a funny video. You click it again and you get a site about kite building. You click it again and you get something else. If you like the site youStumbleUpon click the thumbs-up, if not it’s thumbs-down.

So what is StumbleUpon?

According to

StumbleUpon helps you discover and share great websites. As you click Stumble!, they deliver high-quality pages matched to your personal preferences. These pages have been explicitly recommended by your friends or one of 5,813,827 other websurfers with interests similar to you. Rating these sites you like () automatically shares them with like-minded people – and helps you discover great sites your friends recommend.

If you haven’t checked this site, check it out now. It will kill your boredom and you’ll be stumbling all day. I love it.

Just a little diddy from The Daily Bragger.

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