Cleveland Ohio – Slowest Drive-Thru Fast Food Restaurants

I’m going to continually update this post every time a fast food place makes me waste gas waiting in line at their drive-thru.

Here’s a partial list. Again, I’ll update this info when one of these places makes me mad.

Burger King – West 110th and Lorain.

-This place is super slow. Don’t even try to order something fast like coffee because you’re going to wait a long time. Also, I saw a shot gun blast in the window of their first window. And they never use that first window.

McDonalds – West 117th near Detroit Road.

-They always have two windows going (one for taking your money, and the other for receiving your food). In the morning they are fast, but in the afternoon when the teenagers come to work, forgetaboutit! You’ll waste 15 bucks in gas just waiting for a kid to get an order of fries right. Not to mention, they’ll screw up on your happy meal and make your 4 year old angry.

Burger King – Brookpark near Tiedman Rd.

-They need some new headphones or something on their speaker system. If you ask for “ham” they ask, “You wanna talk to the MAN?” WTF…lol Slow motion and I think they hire individuals with excessive ear wax.

This list will be updated as soon as I order my son’s next happy meal.


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