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Stimulus Check 2011

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I’m not sure I understand my own country.

We give money to big investment companies, banks and car manufacturers. But we do not give money to our own people who are the backbone of the economy. If you give money to a business, more than likely, they will spend the money overseas for cheap manufacturing.  If you give a stimulus check to an American, we will spend that money at home and not overseas to manufacture goods.

We have $3.00 gas right now but it is predicted that gas will be $5.00 a gallon in 2011. Why not give everyone in the U.S. a 2011 stimulus check? Give everyone $10,000. That way people will spend the money on things they need like rent and house payments so we don’t have to bail out the damn banks.   The way this country thinks is ridiculous.

government is set up is so that “We the people” have the opportunity to change it.

I think that our government should bail out the people with a 2011 stimulus check instead of bailing out business who are more risky to give money to than our own people. A 2011 stimulus check could help the people. Screw the banks. They got billions and do not want to loan money. The entire credit system is flawed.

This is why I think all Americans should get a 2011 stimulus check.

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