Sony HDR-PJ50V Video Camera Review

The Sony HDR-PJ50V video camera  took me buy surprise. there is a projector build right into the back of the LCD display. It’s great for showing your videos right away. With an internal hardrive of 220 gigabytes, it can store plenty of your home videos.  (But of course it’s always best to upload your videos to your computer or other storage device for safe keeping.

The Sony HDR-PJ50V is a pretty mainstream camcorder/video camera. It doesn’t not have a lot of the controls like a super-professional video camera but it will get the job done.  The clarity of  videos shot with the Sony HDR-PJ50V Video Camera is pretty amazing.

If you are looking for 5.1 surround out of the  Sony HDR-PJ50V Video Camera the build in microphone will make  your videos sound great.Sony HDR-PJ50V HD Camcorder

There are stereo speakers built in the LCD monitor so that you can get full quality sound while previewing your videos.

What I really liked about the Sony HDR-PJ50V Video Camera is that even while you are zooming or getting a close up, the HD quality does not deteriorate like most cameras.  Also, the images is remarkably still with it’s image stabilization.

The Projector

I thought this feature was extremely cool. The projector on the back of the monitor will clearly project the video up to a 60 inches. The Sony HDR-PJ50V Video Camera is an extremely convenient piece of technology. It shows that Sony should keep sticking with video cameras.



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