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Some Of The Things I Miss From Cleveland

I do miss Cleveland. I’ll be back soon. And when I do come back, I’ll be sure to bring back some Dairymen’s iced tea. Here is a list of things that I miss from Cleveland.

Dairymens Iced Tea – Some of you call this Ghetto Tea, to me it is the most refreshing Iced Tea I ever drank in my life.

Great Lakes Christmas Ale – They won’t ship to Florida and some kook on Ebay was selling them at $9.99 a bottle.

Whiskey Island – Before it became really popular, Whiskey Island was my place to get away and collect my thoughts. Sunday’s were the greatest days there with the little bar there.

My Family – Enough said. Love you Mom!

Cheap Cost of Living – Yes, you could rent a big house for $500 in the West Blvd area.

Lorain Road – I think I counted over 75 dive  bars from W.25th to W.98th. They would even let you smoke in the bars even after they passed the smoking ban.

GiGi's Lounge

Brook Park Rd – Do I really need to get into this?

Mr. Hero – They don’t have them down here in the South. I would love a Roman Burger!!!

Fishing – I could identify just about any fish I caught in Lake Erie or Rocky River. Here in Florida they got Marlins and Dolphins and shit that I can’t identify.

The Cavs – I miss going to the Cavs games, but 3 months after I moved down  here, LeGone took his talents here as well.

BW-3’s – C’mon the wings were the bomb!!!

West Side Market – Can I get a melon?

Gallucci’s – I would get a few lbs of Italian Sausage,  some hot peppers and have a grill fest.

I-71 – Compared to I-95, it’s a deserted highway with no traffic.

My friends!

I plan on adding to this list as soon as I do some more thinking.  If you are from Cleveland but not living there, what are some of the things that you miss about the hood.

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