Smelly White Pus in Tonsils? What is it?

I don’t write about too much nasty stuff.  But I heard about these things called tonsil stones.  Ever push on your tonsils and all that white gunk comes out of it? Pretty gross. It smells too.  This would definitely cause bad breath.

English: Here is a tonsil stone protruding fro...

According to WebMD Tonsil Stones are:

Your tonsils are filled with nooks and crannies where bacteria and other materials, including dead cells and mucous, can become trapped. When this occurs, the debris can become concentrated in white formations that occur in the pockets.

So now that you know that white nasty smelly plaque in your tonsils are “stones,” what do you do about them.

There is actually a home remedy that has a lot of testimonials.  You can check it out here!!!



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