Selling Nostalgia: Coke In A Bottle

There’s a ritual I have with my son. I pick him up from school and when he tells me about something he learned or tells me his behavior was good, I reward him.  We usually stop at a store and I’ll buy him an afternoon snack. Usually it’s a muffin, some dark chocolate (his favorite) or a soda. (Pop… if you are in the midwest.)

Today, my son picked up a muffin and then he wanted something to drink with it. At the store he noticed a strange bottle of Coca Cola. It wasn’t the usual plastic bottle. It was a small glass bottle of coke.  “Dad, what kind of Coke is that?” I told my son that’s how I remember Coca Cola as a kid. It was in a bottle and you couldn’t twist off cap.

Coke in a Bottle
Coke in a Bottle

Just then, I had flashbacks to when I was a kid.  Hot days, fishing,and getting a hair cut at the local barber shop came rushing in to my head and all with all these memories I had a bottle of Coke in my hand. WOW!!!

Sure people will say that Coca Cola isn’t the right thing to give a 7 year-old, but heck, this is nostalgia. I bought the Coke for my son and pried the top open in the car and we had a nice conversation about old Coca Cola machines.

So Coca Cola sold me on nostalgia. It’s a pretty ice cold and refreshing  marketing technique and it worked. It was also nice to share a coke with my son and talk about the old days.

We had a Coke and smile.

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