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Reverse Search a Phone Number

Who's phone number is this?

“Who’s phone number is this?”

You’ve probably seen those shady looking sites for reverse phone searches.  You know the ones. They make it all dramatic with moving radars, tell you to wait while they search an enormous database. Then pow! They make you pay to find out who is the owner of the number.

As a guy who has mastered Google-Fu, I’m going to show you some simple ways to find out the owner of a phone number.

Facebook Search – Most people have their phone number connected to their Facebook Account. You’d be surprised how many people do not know about this.  Login to your Facebook account and go to the search area and put in the phone number. This works often for people, not so much for businesses.  If you get really good at searching for things on Google you may find some cool looking versions of Facebook. Here is a mobile version of Facebook’s search.

free reverse phone lookup
free reverse phone lookup


Google Search – If the number you want to look up is 555-555-555 then copy it put it in a Google Search but put quotes around it.  You may get a result for a business, voter record, or even a property owner of the phone number. Cross reference the information to make sure you have the right person especially if you are getting a different result for the real owner of the number.

paid search services



Google’s results for phone numbers are sometimes filled with ads or junk information. If that is the case, sometimes Bing.com offers are better result

Bing.com search: Yes, Bing does have some pretty good results for somethings. Often what Google lacks in search, Bing will make up for it.  Do the same thing as you did in Google when searching, but us Bing this time.

No results on that phone number? It may be a landline using Voip.  If you aren’t having lucking doing a reverse search on a phone number, then check out Comcast’s reverse search.

Comcast Ecolisting – Not many people with phone service from Comcast know they are defaulted into this search. Comcast is a big company that owns or has a stake in many companies like AT&T.   In order to generate more revenue, they sell data to companies for marketing purposes.  Here is Comcast’s privacy policy.

reverse lookup comcast

These are some of the ways you can do a little detective work to find out more about that phone number that just called you that you don’t recognize.


What if you can’t find who a phone number belongs to?

Then you can resort to using one of these powerful search services, but warning, they make you pay for the information.


Reverse Search Phone Numbers – an in Depth Anaylsis on What Works and What Doesn’t

Reverse Search Phone Numbers Explained

Details like time, date, telephone number and your name will have to be provided, so you can come and have a look at the apartment of your selection. In the event the number is a Metro PCS number, you’re going to be extended a very first and last name and account balance details. In the event of insurance, one doesn’t need to worry but if you’re not insured, save the vital numbers once you are able to.

reverse search phone numbers

In the event you’re no Google fan without a Gmail, you are going to have to create one to begin using Hangouts. If you don’t need to try to call the individual back, and if you’re unsure if they have Metro PCS or not, the next and simplest step you may take is to locate a Metro PCS store location near you. It can be a quick and helpful way to find people by phone number.

Things You Won’t Like About Reverse Search Phone Numbers and Things You Will

In case you have any questions, I would like to know! There are 3 big signs you should be aware of. The good thing is that you even need to make a choice between free or paid sites.

Where to Find Reverse Search Phone Numbers

If you performed an absolutely free reverse phone lookup on a mobile phone number you would discover that there’s very little information that can be found on the person who owns the telephone number. A totally free preliminary search is going to be done to supply you with whether it is a mobile phone or landline, the precise location which contains the city and state where that number is registered and whether a complete report is readily available for you. A reverse number search directory is readily available on the web.

Another massive disadvantage with cell phone numbers is that several telemarketers utilize such directories to try and make sales by selling products or services over the telephone. Make certain to inquire and select the pure SMS solution, which will allow you to use a landline for texting. Cellular number directories are illegal for the large part and the sole legitimate mobile phone number directories have been restricted to law enforcement and accredited investigators.

Thanks also to how there are a number of websites offering a lookup support. The service is simply one of many services you may use to perform a search for a telephone number. If you discover that you need more, you may use a reverse lookup service to find out what comes up.

You will not discover any site that’s truly free and can provide you with all the info you need from a reverse phone lookup system. Stop by a website that is a directory of unknown callers. The user can make sure that he doesn’t utilize too many internet accounts.

The Reverse Search Phone Numbers Chronicles

To get additional details, you will have to pay the site. You need to be able to do the search and verify they have the listing before you set your money at stake. Also pay attention to the file system name that you wish to resize.

You might end up bricking your mobile phone. Also you’ll be instantly contacted with a telephone call or email. It is possible to also lookup the mobile phone number in the directory for mobile phones.

Therefore in case you forget a call as you are not at your cell it will prove very hard to get hold of them.

You might be able to learn more regarding the caller just by looking through the initial six numbers of any telephone number. All you have to do is enter the number that you would like to trace and click enter. It is easy and probably the most dependable method to locate a telephone number.

Nowadays it’s the very best means to do your product marketing on WhatsApp, and it’ll help you better to generate lead regarding your merchandise and solutions. So, as a business person, you must think of a unique yet effective means to promote your product. Get the enterprise to pay for it.

A Secret Weapon for Reverse Search Phone Numbers

The response is `NO’, even when you read on several websites on the internet that you may do that but the truth is that cannot do it free. The not so great news is they aren’t free. Free or PaidThis is a rather important question and in a number of ways will determine your degree of succeeding.

No matter the reason might be, it can become pretty annoying if you’ve got a mobile phone number in hand, that you know is causing you a lot of anxiety and impatience, just by being there. Nevertheless, there’s always 1 exception to the norm. There are many sorts of burglar alarm and several are very cheap, and surprisingly they’re all generally built around the identical primary components.

If you are in need of a tool for private communication, Skype is still an excellent choice. Don’t forget that absolutely free mobile phone number lookup is undoubtedly a myth and don’t let any site fool you into believing that it isn’t so. Prepaid phone plans are an excellent remedy to the parents’ problems because parents have the ability to control the minutes they buy for their kids.


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