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Every other Thursday I hit up Gepetto’s in Brooklyn Ohio for some wings and pizza. I never have a problem with the food. The wings are always the best and my son loves the pizza. But this time, something was wrong. Hungry as hell, my mouth waters for some of those bomb wings and a antipasto salad. I pick up my order and take it back to my dwelling. When I get , I open up the box and get a whiff of that hot sauce steaming off the wings. I take a bite of the chicken wing and it’s RAW! Yes raw and rubbery with very watery hot sauce. NASTY!!! Then I look at my salad and there is rotted lettuce in it and the artichokes are moldy. When my friend and I called Gepetto’s to complain, the woman on the phone told us that the fryer is down. I said to myself…”Then how did you cook the fucking wings??? ” She gave every excuse in the book as to why the food was under cooked. Amazing! She said that the fryer was down and they were oven baked. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF BAKING BUFFLO WINGS??? WTF?? I SPEND ALMOST 60 DOLLARS A MONTH IN THIS PLACE. That is almost 720 a year. They just lost my business . Don’t eat at Gepetto’s in Brooklyn, Ohio.

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