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Reasons Why Myspace Failed – Because of a Chicken Recipe

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I was reading an article about Myspace laying off employees because of slow ad revenue and because people were flocking to Facebook.

Why MySpace Failed

  • I knew that Myspace was going to have some trouble when I would post a link to a website and big warning would pop-up telling my friends that Myspace blocked this link or that it may be a “phishing site.”
  • Social Media is about sharing. If you take sharing out of the equation, what good is a “social networking site.”
  • Another reason for Myspace #FAIL is that it  is not user friendly. It overwhelming to some people. There are flashy links, ads galore, slow load times on pages from amateur HTML copy and pasters and plenty of other bells and whistles that are not needed.
  • There blogging format sucks and will also block outbound links with a spam/phishing warning.
  • Captcha Captcha Captcha – How many times did you type that captcha word before you got it right?
  • Spammers. Blame the markerters for this one. They blew up myspace with marketing spam from everything to viagra to finding “Hot chicks in your area.”

Now Myspace caused News Corp to lose 363 million dollars. That’s what these bastards get for impeding the ability to share a link about a new chicken recipe.

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