Voting Problems in Ohio – Caught on Tape

Voting Problems in Ohio
(Cleveland – I took my mp3 player into the polling place where I have been voting for over three years. I recorded a problem I encountered voting.

I brought my ID to vote, but was almost turned away because the address on my ID doesn’t match my voter registration.

The Ohio Secretary of State’s website says that I need to bring an ID to vote. However, it states that my address on my license does not have to be current.

“A current and valid photo identification (i.e. Ohio driver’s license, state ID card, government ID). Photo identification must show name and address (does not need to be current address for driver’s license or state id card)”

At the end of the video, I talk to a Fairness in Voting Representative.

Anyway here is the video and audio of what happened. Enjoy the video. (The Short version goes straight to the point without an intro.)

Long Version

Short Version

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