Playskool Busy Ball Popper Review

My son had his first birthday about a week ago and one of the toys that he plays with constantly is the PlaySkool Busy Ball Popper. The PlaySkool Busy Ball Popper  is a fun toy for my son. He love the thing. What I noticed is that it teaches him dexterity with his little hands. Once a ball slides down the chute, air makes the ball pop up. Sometime the ball will float there for a  few seconds  and he learns to knock the ball out rather than pick it up as seen in the video below.PlaySkool Busy Ball Popper review

I would highly recommend this toy, not only will it bring you joy when your child plays with it but it teaches them some rules. These rules are that they need to press the button to make it work, in order for a ball to pop up they have to put the ball down the chute and I’m sure there are other developmental skills that your child will learn with this toy.

I like playing with this toy and I’m 38 years old. But I’m a kid at heard. The Playskool Busy Ball Popper takes 4 D Batteries. So far after a week of playing the batteries are still going strong. But as you know if you have kids, you’ll need to always stock up on batteries. It’s part of parenthood. LOL




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