Playskool Busy Ball Popper Review

My son had his first birthday about a week ago and one of the toys that he plays with constantlyRead More…

Sony HDR-PJ50V Video Camera Review

The Sony HDR-PJ50V video camera  took me buy surprise. there is a projector build right into the back of theRead More…

JVC GZ-HD500 Camcorder

If you want a camcorder that will last and takes amazing and stunning video, the JVC GZ-HD500 Camcorder can’t be beat. JVC has always put out a great product and they are basically the grandfather of digital camcorders

What Men Understand About Women

What exactly do men understand about women.          

Do I Miss Cleveland?

In early 2010 I moved to South Florida. I basically packed up everything that could fit in a van andRead More…

Giving Thanks In 2011

Giving Thanks In 2011 To all my readers and subscribers, I want to thank you. I know that I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to on the Bragger. Thanks for being patient with me.

How To Build Iphone Apps

I love learning new things. One of the things that I want to learn is how to build iphone orRead More…

West Palm Beach Chiropractors

In late August of 2011, I was changing a flat tire. I strained my back pretty bad I thought. ARead More…

How To Create A Membership Site for Free

Want to know how to create your own membership website for free??? I like free stuff. And one of the best ways to get free stuff is to be a beta tester for products. I just got word from a fellow blogger that a free membership website platform is opening up for free.

JobCrusher Review

This Thursday. There will be a free webinar on how to make an income online. If you have always been curious on how to make money online this webinar will give away some great information on how you can control your own destiny making money in cyberspace. (Do people still use the term cyberspace anymore. lol)

Virginia Earthquake Damage Photos

Virginia Earthquake Damage Photos There was an earthquake today that was felt from Washington DC, Ohio all the way upRead More…

Smelly White Pus in Tonsils? What is it?

I don’t write about too much nasty stuff.  But I heard about these things called tonsil stones.  Ever push onRead More…

Herb for Calming the Nerves

Stressed? Yeah I know the feeling. Anxiety sucks…the day to day worries of adulthood…it really blows. Most of you that know me understand that I hate taking any medications made by man. The pharmaceutical companies are the biggest liars and killers of human being in the united states.

EHarmony Cat Girl

She likes cats…well love’s cats. She put up an eHarmony biographical video and it has become a viral hit. She’sRead More…

Bad Broccoli – How to get rid of that odor

So you left some broccoli in the fridge and it rotted. This can stink up your entire fridge and yourRead More…

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