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If you are looking for the car video it’s right below this post.

I think that I’m really living my life through the eyes of my wonder son. He loves skateboarding and so do I. Maybe one day he’ll become filthy rich and have an unlimited amount of money doing what he loves to do. Maybe one day he can become a famous person from Cleveland. He’s quite a skateboarder now and he’s only five. However he likes to act a fool on the skateboard. I think he does this on purpose so that all the girls at the skate park “ohhh and ahhhh” over him.
While we were at the skate park on Monday, my son was lying on the skateboard and moving himself across the cement with his hands as if he were on a surfboard. Then some kid comes out of nowhere and jumps over my son and successfully lands a trick. Thank goodness. In this video you can hear the nervous laughter between my wife and me.
Enjoy the video. You might have to watch it over and over because it’s quick.

Don’t worry about this stuff below. I’m just testing out some code below.

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