Olmsted Falls School District Wants a Bailout

Line up people. Banks, car makers and your local schools want a bailout.

Olmsted Falls Superintendent Todd Hoadley said Tuesday that if automakers and big U.S. cities can ask for federal bailout money, schools should be able to follow suit. The district submitted the request to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.

Well heck, I want a bailout too. Where do I line up? I went on the U.S. Treasury’s website to look for the application, but I could not find it anywhere.

The solution to the problem is to start from the roots. Give each person a 50 thousand dollar 2009 Stimulus Check and it would help the banks, the auto industry and the schools.

It would also help me!!

Are we headed for a depression?

Personally, I don’t think we are headed for a depression. If the government can act quickly to find a way to stimulate the economy, the I don’t see a depression in the windshield. However, if you watch the network news and listen to radio shows like Glen Beck, you’ll think that the sky is falling. I was listening to the Glen Beck

show on WTAM in Cleveland and I turned it off. Mr. Beck’s show has been nothing but depressing and full of fear. I felt like I was listening to 1950’s government propaganda about a Soviet Invasion.

Where's MY Bailout Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Where’s MY Bailout Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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