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Natural Ways to Help Panic Attacks

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Panic attacks suck. Plain and simple. The drugs they give for panic attacks can turn you into a zombie.  What are some natural alternatives to help you with panic attacks?

 Ready to say good bye to panic attacks?

Let’s find out what a panic attack is and how it manifests.

A panic attack is  adrenaline flowing through your body.  If you ever been startled before and get that rush of adrenaline, you know what I mean. But take that rush and multiply it by 1000 or even a million.

Panic attacks usually start out from worrying about something. For instance, say your hand falls asleep. Then instead of thinking your hand fell asleep, you start to think stroke.  Let the panic begin.

The heart starts pumping harder because you think you are having a stroke. Now you think you are having a heart attack.  Because you feel the loud thump in your heart.

You jump on WebMd and you are convinced you are dying.  Sweaty palms, fear of death, and you are trembling with fear.

This is a panic attack.

natural cures for panic disorder
The cycle of a panic attack.

Have you ever experience this related to panic disorder.

  • Maybe you have found yourself in the emergency room of a hospital because you swore you were having heart problems, but then you were told it was anxiety.
  • Do you ever feel like you can’t breath, go to the doctor and they tell you it’s stress?
  • When you are driving, do you have a horrible fear of getting stuck in traffic, on a bridge, or at a red light?
  • Do you ever feel as if you may lose control and go nuts in front of everybody?
  • Have you struggled with controlling your racing thoughts?
  • Do you fear about having a social life because you might get a panic attack and might have to leave in a hurry? OMG what will people think if I freak out in front of everyone while having a panic attack.

If you want some natural help for your panic attacks, you can read more right here.


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