My Uncle Richard Marzi Lost His Battle With Pancreatic Cancer

I’m not looking for sympathy. I just want you to know about a remarkable man who lost a battle to cancer.

My uncle Richard “Dick” Marzi lost his battle to pancreatic cancer on Father’s day June 21nd, 2008 around 8pm.

My uncle Dick was a great man. Whenever the family got together for holidays he always gave you a hearty welcome. I can hear him now, “Heyyyyy! There’s Tom! How ya doing Tom.” as a handshake ensued.

An all around nice guy who didn’t smoke or drink, my Uncle Dick was one inquisitive individual. He always wanted to Richard "Dick" Marziknow what you were up to and didn’t miss a word when you talked to him. Even if you had the most boring  job in the world,  he would always want to know more about it.  He always wanted to know more about you even when he knew you already. And if you met him for the first time, just give him 5 minutes and you felt like you knew him for a lifetime.

He had an amazing sense of humor. He could find humor in anything with his great jokes. If he knew you were taking a picture of him, he’d make a face.

He never aged. Ever since I could remember my Uncle Dick, he always looked the same. I think that I aged more in 10 years than he aged in 67 years…and I’m 36.

He was a wonderful husband to my Aunt Faith and and outstanding Father to my cousins Adam and Beth.

I will miss my Uncle Dick dearly. He was a soldier in the fight against cancer. If you have ever lost someone to cancer please feel free to comment. Even leave your relative’s name in the comment.

My cousin Adam Marzi has created a website to raise money for the American Cancer Society. He created the site in honor of his father.  Donate a dollar if you could. If you can’t donate, feel free to put a link on your site to Even if you retweet this post, at least it will spread the word.

Richard “Dick” Marzi on the right

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