My Opinion on LeBron To Miami

LeBron James the King with No Rings
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I’m a Cleveland Fan.  I moved to South Florida a few months ago but I still love my hometown.

I also love basketball.

I’m also a fan of LeBron James.

But I am disappointed that LeBron left Cleveland for Miami. I’m a selfish Clevelander. I want a championship.

I don’t see it with the Browns. I don’t see it happening with the Indians.

LeBron was the hope Cleveland needed to win a championship.

Why are Clevelanders mad? Because we deserve a championship. I never thought LeBron would leave Cleveland.

The way he announced his departure was horrible. You don’t go on national TV and rip the carpet from underneath the fans in Cleveland. The businesses will suffer in downtown Cleveland but they will eventually recover.

I still have faith in the Cavs. Dan Gilbert has put his heart and soul into Cleveland. He’ll make the team better.

Will I follow LeBron’s career?  Yes. I will catch a few Heat games like everyone else as my curiosity permits. You have to root for the hometown guy. But I will always be a Cavs fan.


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