My Chiropractor in Palm Beach Gardens

I have had some sever back pain and have been confined to home in West Palm Beach. I changed my ex wife’s tire and I hurt and compressed nerves in my spine. The pain was so bad that I could not even walk. Just the thought of sitting down hurt.

For weeks, my friends were telling me to go visit a Chiropractor In Palm Beach Gardens. I asked why Palm Beach Gardens, I live in West Palm Beach?

They said one of the best Chiropractors in the West Palm Beach area was a Chiropractor named Dr. Thaw. I called Dr. Thaw’s office in Palm Beach Gardens and his staff told me come in right away.

I was pretty scared of chiropractors becasue I heard horror stories about them. I heard that they are really big guys that crack your back.

Well this was not the case. Dr. Thaw examened and xrayed my back and talked to me for over 1/2 hour about my lifestyle, back problem and treatment.

After a month, I was so happy with the results. I’m in the 9th inning of my treatment and I’m very happy with the results.

If you are ever in the West Palm Beach, Florida area, please visit my Chiropractor In Palm Beach Gardens , Dr. Thaw will help you with your back pain.

Below is my video review of my Chiropractor in the West Palm Beach Area.

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