msplinks – How do you get your link to work on myspace?

msplinksWhat is msplinks and how do I get around them?

Msplinks is a bunch of code to mess up your links on myspace. Go ahead and put a link on your myspace page and unless it is an approved site (photobucket or youtube) your visitors are going to get a big warning about spam and viruses.

I found a way to get around this. I’m going to give you free and easy advice. I’m not going to write an ebook about this or charge anyone for this information because I really don’t like myspace. I don’t like how they manipulate links so that they don’t count as inbound links when it comes to SEO.

What I did to get around the whole msplinks mirage was to add the application “RSS Reader.” The links on this application are direct and they don’t scare the visitors to death with a big warning page. If you are familiar with RSS you’ll know what I’m talking about. Look at my myspace page and you’ll see I have the Reader App. If you click on these links in the reader they work great and there is no big warning to your potential visitors.

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I hope all of you that have read this found this very useful.


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