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Ohio politicians just don’t get the picture. They could make it easy on the film industry but they won’t. Two movies about Cleveland are being produced right now. The Irishman about Mobster Danny Greene in the 70’s and “Ness” a movie about the the Torso Murderer in Cleveland when Elliot Ness was safety director in the city.

The problem…Tax Breaks to film makers.

Back in December of 2008 Governor of Ohio Ted Strickland used his veto power on a bill that would have made it easier to film movies in the state of Ohio.  Because of Strickland’s actions, films about Ohio or Cleveland are being filmed in other locations around the world, even Canada. Of course, the film makers will shoot some stock footage of the state or city and then tape it together in the final product.

Not only is this a revenue loss for the State and Cities, it’s a whopper of a PR loss for the city.

I’m not ashamed of where I live, the people are great. I’m ahamed of the idiots that run this state.

This is more job losses for Ohio and Cleveland.

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