I Admit It. I’m Afraid to Handle a Baby.

The smallest baby I have even seen.
The smallest baby I have even seen.

My wife’s nephew came over the other night and they brought over their newborn baby girl. She was born early with a few health problems. She’s okay now. But I could not get over how small she was. I have a son of my own who is almost 6. I was afraid to handle him as a baby then I got used to handling him after a while. He’s a boy so I wasn’t too afraid of holding him as the time passed As for my nephew’s newborn, she’s a tiny little thing. She looked so fragile, so little and sleepy.

So ladies, mothers and alike. Some men are afraid of handling babies. We might be macho, burly and tough guys, but when it comes to handling babies we get scared deep-down. Don’t get mad at us, we just want to be extra careful.

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