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I have created a new page called “Live a better life.” On this page I’ll put links to self help websites as well as products I have used to improve my life. Here is what you’ll find on the page:

I’m a true believer that whatever the mind believes, the body will achieve. I also don’t like going to the doctor. It’s not really a fear of the doctor, it’s a fear of the medical bills and putting up with the insurance companies. At my current job, I have had every single medical claim denied. (Even a simple yearly physical was denied.) I don’t like dealing with the insurance companies because their sole purpose is to make money by denying claims. (Now I have thousands of dollars in medical bills that I’m trying to pay off along with student loans.)

So in this page, I have gathered some of the best self-help sites and links. I have actually used most of these products. In fact, I’m a big fan of Tony Robbins and his techniques have helped me battle fears, and other problems that life has thrown at me.

I hope you will take the time to check these sites out. Also, it would be really awesome if you left me a comment on this page about some of your self help stories or better yet, drop me an email at

Thank you,

Tom (110 lbs thinner)

Tom (over 100 lbs thinner)

I’d like to recommend you check out an excellent new product from the New York based Phobia Clinic. They’ve put the best material they teach their clients (who pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to work with them) onto a new CD-based home study program called “Vanquish Fear & Anxiety in Just 24 Hours”. They offer a full 60-day no-quibble guarantee so there’s no risk – and the material you learn is truly outstanding. See Vanquish Fear & Anxiety in just 24 hours here…

Here are some of the Tony Robbins products I have used. I loved reading or listening to every one of his lessons. I even took notes while listening. This outstanding man has shown me ways to improve my life everyday.

Anthony RobbinsAnthony Robbins is the “leader called upon by leaders.” As the recognized expert in the psychology of peak performance, he has spent more than a quarter of a century serving people from more than 80 nations around the world. His success has been related to his ability to synthesize complex strategies and tools that immediately change the quality of people’s lives and bring them to a mass audience in a way that is entertaining and empowering. He is an international bestselling author. His educational audio system, Personal Power, has sold more than 35 million tapes worldwide.
Unleash the Power WithinUnleash the Power Within , Anthony Robbins shows you how to live your life not by hope … not by chance … but by design.
Lessons in MasteryThe life you deserve and would love to live can be yours at last…

I’m also a firm believer that whatever you put into your body, your body becomes. Because of that I have found a remarkable substance that can help improve your body. This substance is called wheatgrass. I know, I know, you are probably saying “YUCK” and yes it does taste nasty. But, didn’t that medicine you took as a kid taste nasty too.

There is all kinds of studies and information on wheatgrass. The best kind of wheatgrass juice is the fresh kind from a health food store that squeezes it on the spot for you. But since the price of gas is so expensive, I order powered wheatgrass online. I regularly buy the GREEN KAMUT ORGANIC DRIED JUICE – Powder – 3.2oz brand and mix it with distilled water. The cheapest way to get wheatgrass juice it to order it online. I found that I get the best deal at Ebay.

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