List of Celebrities Using Twitter

List of Celebrities Using Twitter

There are many celebrities using Twitter. Some actually post tweets themselves like P Diddy’s twitter page and some use a digital assistant like Brittany Spears. There are some sites that actually follow celebrities on Twitter. They put these Tweets together to form a digital paparazzi or “Twitterrazzi.”

Once such site that is a Twitterrazzi, is Twitterrazzi. com follows celebrities on Twitter and adds gossip and video in the mix. Twitterrazzi has a huge list of celebrities on Twitter and is very entertaining.

When news breaks about a celebrity, I search Twitterrazzi to see if that celeb is tweeting about it. The best thing about Twitterrazzi is that if Twitter goes down for some reason, you’ll still be able to see celebrities on Twitter with Twitterrazzi.

Twitterrazzi has a list of Celebs on Twitter.
Twitterrazzi has a list of Celebs on Twitter.

The urban dictionary describes Twitterrazzi:

Websites and news media outlets that constantly use Twitter to find sources and stories for news. People who take pictures of celebrities and post them on Twitter.

Full Disclosure – I wrote this definition for the urban dictionary.

So the next time you are getting a craving of  your favorite celebrity on Twitter, head to a site that has a nice list of celebrities on Twitter….the Twitterrazzi.

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