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Heartfelt Letter to LeBron James from 13 Year Old Diehard Cleveland Fan in South Florida

letter to lebron james

13 Cleveland Fan to LeBron: This year is more important to me than 2007, 2009, or 2015.

The same year LeBron took his talents to Florida, a 7 year old kid, named Joseph Guard moved to South Florida from Cleveland. Never burning or throwing out his number 23 Cavs Jersey, Joseph was always a fan of LeBron. But his heart and loyalty was always deeply rooted in Cleveland.

Dear LeBron James,

Back when I was living in Cleveland in 2009, I wrote a letter to you when I was almost 7 and you replied, but when I moved to Florida in 2010, I forgot to pack the letter with me, so that’s one of the reasons I’m writing you a letter now.

letter to lebron jamesFirst, I’d like to introduce myself since I know almost everything about you. I was born in Queens, New York on Oct. 5, 2002, but quickly moved to Cleveland, Ohio when I was only 18 months. Part of the reason why you’re my favorite athlete ever is that I grew up watching you play at The Q, which at the time was the Gund Arena. We (my father and I) were lucky to see you play live in Cleveland along with our favorite player over 7 feet, SHAQ! It was a wonderful experience!!! However, my grandfather on my mom’s side of the family passed away from getting in an accident caused by a drunk driver in 09 and it sped up the process to moving to Palm Beach, Florida. We did end up moving South on Mar. 16, 2010. Around June/July is when I was even happier because you announced that you were “taking your talents to South Beach”! Although I was a Cavs fan, I was glad to see my favorite basketball player ever “follow” us! Plus, I didn’t feel far away from my idol!

After 4 great seasons you had with the Miami Heat, even winning 2 championships, I was even more excited that you were “coming home” because that year, I truly believed that you guys would beat the Warriors in the 2015 NBA Finals.

The 2015 NBA Finals leads into my next story, which involves my grandmother who’s been a Cleveland Native her entire life (1941-2015)! In her lifetime, she has witnessed her favorite baseball team win a World Series (Indians), and her favorite football team win a championship 8 times (Browns). 2015 was supposed to be the year she was finally gonna witness her favorite basketball team win for the first time. Throughout all the games of the 2015 Finals, I would call my grandmother in Cleveland and we would talk through the entire 48 mins of the games and the conversations would last about 2 and 1/2 hours a piece. Sadly in the 6th game of that series, we ended up losing the game and more importantly, the championship. Little did I know, this would be the last conversation we would ever have. Her final words to me were “Well, the Cavs are gonna win it next year”, then the phone line cut off and that was the last time I ever heard her voice. She got ill and passed in September. ¬†That’s why this year is more important to me than 2007, 2009, or 2015. I pray to Jesus every night you can break the curse this year.

Sincerely your greatest fan ever,

Joseph Guard


Everything I said above was spoken from my heart.


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