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Let The Exodus Begin

Reports of car haulers filled with cars from Massachusetts, Canada and New York have been spotted making their way back north.

The time has come once again in South Florida where we can enjoy a restaurant in peace. We can drive without getting cut off by a douche bag in  New York State license plate and our risk of getting into a car accident goes down as the confused and elderly snow-birds head back to their northern nests.  The site of people from Jersey fighting over a handicapped parking spot will be gone.  The smell of old lady perfume while pondering

Northern douchebags trying to get home before they melt.over a plate of dim sum will be gone and once again I will be able to eat in a quiet restaurant and hear what my girlfriend is saying to me.

Northerners trying to get home before they melt.

So here in Florida, let the heat warm our hearts as we raise our glasses and take pride in knowing the northern douchebags will not be here again until Thanksgiving.

Oh those snow birds

Thank you for boosting our economy, but no thanks to making my driving, shopping and eating experience miserable with your nagging mouths while I trip over your walkers.  Also, no more Canadians asking, “Ehhhh excuse me. I’m abooot lost here eh. Which way do I go to get to Miami ehhhh?

Have a safe trip back north.


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September 2021