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Installing WordPress Blog In Your Website is Easy!

I have installed WordPress over 100 times. I know the hard way to install WordPress and the easy way to install WordPress on a server.

I was installing WordPress for a client not to long ago. They were using Yahoo web hosting. BIG MISTAKE. Yahoo’s one-click installation of WordPress will not let you put WordPress on the root domain name. They will make you put it on a subdomain and they won’t allow customized permalinks which are clean links like (yoursite . com/your-article.)

If you are going to run WordPress on Yahoo web hosting…forget about it.

The easiest WordPress installation is with GoDaddy. They have an amazing one-click installation of WordPress. You can install wordpress on your main domain and you can have pretty permalinks that are SEO friendly.

GoDaddy is also price friendly for those who are on a budget. I have never had a problem with GoDaddy for WordPress and it is simply the easiest way to install WordPress on your website or web hosting servers. You can’t go wrong with that.

I will never recommend using Yahoo again for a WordPress blog. There was way too much trouble with it.

Good luck blogging and if you use GoDaddy, you’ll know what I mean about easy WordPress installation.


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July 2021