Hurricane Gustav Victims


GustavGTFO NowGet the fuck out of New Oleans.
Hurricane Gustav

Because it is an election year, the government is going to cradle New Orleans in its comforting arms as Gustav heads for the coast. You can send every bus, plane and train to evacuate the people of New Orleans but there are some people who are going to stay. The people that stay are either stubborn or stupid or both.

Listen New Orleans, you have a long enough warning to get to any part of the world you want. Get out now!

If you don’t get out this time, the people of the United States and around the world are going to blame you this time.

You can’t blame the government for anything if you become a victim of this hurricane.

Please listen to the warnings, take advantage of the transportation and *GTFO.

–Now you might say that this is harsh, but this is coming from a person that was transporting the victims of Katrina out of the zone. Yes, I was there. I have seen the people that came out of New Orleans. I used to work for a major transportation company that was hired by the government to haul the people out of N.O.

I have room to speak.

*If you are not hip to internet slang GTFO means GET THE FUCK OUT!!!

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