Bad Broccoli – How to get rid of that odor

So you left some broccoli in the fridge and it rotted. This can stink up your entire fridge and your house. That’s probably why you are reading this.

So how do you get rid of that bad broccoli smell in the house or fridge?

I remember while living in Cleveland I had a small fire in the house and I knew that the smoke smell was going to last for days.

get rid of a bad broccoli smell

What I did was set out a bowl of vinegar. It absorbed the smoke odor.

It really worked. Now if a bowl of vinegar can help to get rid of a house fire odor. I’m sure it will work for the bad broccoli odor.

Also make sure you dispose of the bad broccoli by putting it in a few plastic bags to make sure it does not stink up your garbage.

Broccoli smells so bad that even the garbage men may bypass your house. Flies and maggots won’t even go near a garbage when they get a whiff of that bad broccoli smell.


Need to get rid of more bad smells in the house?? Good Housekeeping has some great tips too.

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